Logo of Language Icons Initiative
Language Icon FAQ:
Why this particular solution?
When you create a multi-lingual web page, you are limited to use flags or language names, or some other irrelevant icon (such as a world picture..) to represent language. There was no such icon to signify "choose/select/switch language" or even just "language".

When you use flags, you are mostly limited to say three or four flags to use (for design restrictions), if you have more languages than three, selecting a particular sample breaks the heart of other nations. Plus some nations are multi-lingual, and a flag cannot represent a language. A world icon does not signify language, "언어" means Language in Korean, or this "语言" does it mean anything to you? Language names cannot represent "language". (unless you list all of them).

We are living in an era of signs and semiotics however a simple icon to signify "choose/select/switch language" does not exists.

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Why this color? : It is similar to the color of tongue. It is pastel and not disturbing (indeed color options are available but this is our choice).

Why this glyph? : Because it is not related to any other idea or symbol, it does not signify something else, it is exlusive for selecting language.

Why the shape? : It is easy to draw, learn, recognise and remember. It works both black and white, very scaleable, simply put it has all the aspects of a working logo.
Can I use it freely?
You can; OMC² Design Studios hereby declares that this work is our creation and we release it with a CC license. Feel free to share it!, link to us or you can get some badges for your website to show your support! If you want/need to attribute, you can attribute the icon to "Onur Müştak Çobanlı".