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Language Icon FAQ:
Why this particular solution?
When you create a multi-lingual web page, you are limited to use flags or language names. There was no such icon to signify "choose/select language".

When you use flags, you are mostly limited to say three or four flags to use (for design restrictions), if you have more languages than three, selecting a particular sample breaks the heart of other nations. Plus some nations are multi-lingual, and a flag cannot represent a language.

We are living in an era of signs and semiotics however a simple icon to signify "choose/select/switcg language" does not exists.

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Why this color? : It is similar to the color of tongue. It is pastel and not disturbing (indeed color options are available but this is our choice).

Why this glyph? : Because it is not related to any other idea or symbol, it does not signify something else, it is exlusive for selecting language.

Why the shape? : It is easy to draw, learn, recognise and remember. It works both black and white, very scaleable, simply put it has all the aspects of a working logo.
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